ConsoliAds is expanding its family of game publishers by providing them with ways to monetize at ease. We would also like your friends to seamlessly earn.

Refer us to your friends and earn a $100 reward on every successful integration!

  1. Fill out the form.
  2. Our team will connect with the referral.
  3. If your friend integrates the ConsoliAds SDK and starts earning, you get an exclusive chance to earn $100.
  • A ‘referrer’ is an individual introducing a potential client to ConsoliAds.
  • A ‘referee’ is an individual who is being introduced as a potential client to ConsoliAds.
  • A ‘referral’ is the introduction of an individual to ConsoliAds that must contain the referee’s full name(s), email address (es), and contact number(s) as well as the full bank details of the referrer.
  • Only referrals made via the ConsoliAds website (www.consoliads.com) will be entertained and considered as referrals.
  • A ‘successful referral’ is when an individual referee integrates the ConsoliAds SDK and starts earning.
  • The reward for ‘successful referral’ is $100 which ConsoliAds is liable to pay to the referrer.
  • ConsoliAds reserves the right to delay or demand evidence for a ‘successful referral’ in order to transfer the reward.