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Get hold of your Ad Spend as with the precise targeting features you spend less to gain big. The Region and App-based targeting allow the publisher to optimize their Ads to get as high as 10% install-to-impression conversion.

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Appographics Targeting for LTV Campaigns

Acquiring high-quality and relevant users increases the lifetime value (LTV) of your Ad campaigns. Consequently, this leads to profitable outing all the way from acquiring users to the engagement they get into over a certain period.

Thousands of Apps in-line for Billions of Impressions

A never-ending, quite enriched App collection gives you the freedom to advertise to your target audience without worrying about their region and favorite categories. As we have over 15k Apps library at the moment giving over 3.5 Billion impressions to the publishers.

Active Algorithms to Prevent All Sorts of Ad Frauds

The dark side of In-App Advertising is fake bots and bad-actors planning heist on your Ad budget. No, this never happens here as our active-algorithms provide a shield against all such tactics and help you spend each buck of budget rightly.

In-App Advertising for Promoting your Games

The latest bid-optimization technology empowers you to spend your Ad budget efficiently to get the best results every time. All this is done while keeping real-data in check and the well-suited rates for your campaign too.


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