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The Seven Deadly Sins of Game Monetization

1. Look at the Wrong Data: Developers are usually concerned about their game monetization metrics such as Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), Average Revenue Per Paid User(ARPPU), and the percentage of payers. However, it should be noted that looking at these numbers in isolation will be misleading. Furthermore, the life cycle phenomenon of the user in comparison to the game…

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How Does An Ad Mediation Network Work?

Introduction: Most of the companies that develop software such as mobile games and other applications have their primary focus on the development part of the application. However, they tend to neglect post-development tasks such as determining the source of their revenue flow. This revenue has twofold uses. How Ad Mediation Network works: Firstly, it will provide sustenance to the current…

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Mobile Gaming Trends in 2017

Augmented Reality: Augmented reality is the combination of computer-generated images and the real world. This technology is picking up pace and is becoming very popular among game developers. One example of the use of this technology is the “Pokémon Go”. Since “Pokémon Go” created a lot of stir in the market, it is predicted to have a lot more games…

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Optimization of Ad Platforms to Generate More Revenue from Games

How to Optimize Ad Platform?  How to Generate More Revenue with Games Apps? Using Ads: Advertising is nothing new, but it has slowly made its way into mobile gaming recently. Alongside micro-transactions, it is one of the most popular revenue streams implemented directly into the game. Players will watch or view an advertisement and you get money for it. There…

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