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Mobile Game Monetization 101: All that you need to know

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Mobile Game Monetization 101: All That You Need To Know Mobile game monetization gives you an exclusive chance to make money through your game. A strategy that opens up game developers to the world of game monetization where they get multiple opportunities to earn. This guide will take you through mobile game monetization, the dynamics, the concept, and its…

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What is Frequency Capping? How it leads to Effective Advertising Campaigns?

Let’s Suppose, Advertising is a Number Game! Then Effective Frequency Capping is Directly Proportional to Successful Advertising Campaign. The question here is what is Frequency Capping and what about the magical number that makes it effective? There’s no certain mantra, formula or a shortcut to determine the ideal frequency capping for an Ad campaign. This may vary on the basis…

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Impact of Coronavirus on In-App Advertising Industry – What it means to the Business Owners?

The coronavirus has changed the way people used to live and spend money and with this impacting almost every other business, in-App Advertising isn’t an exception. The dropping Ad Spend leading to dropping Ad Revenues have made this one potential advertising strategy look murky. But before you call off this way of advertising, it still has plenty left for the…

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How does Icon Ad Format work in Mobile App Monetization to increase your revenue?

According to Statista, Mobiles Apps will be generating $935 Billion in 2023 by in-App Advertising and paid downloads. Taking nothing away from the paid downloads model, in-App Advertising is the most opted one by far. Using in-App Advertising publishers generate revenues by placing Ads in their Apps and App users are shown these Ads while they are using App. In…

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Zoom & Netflix off to a flyer, Quibi following: COVID-19 Trending Apps Roundup

The Coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed the way of life for people across the globe. The lockdown technique coming in play as the counterattack of this life-threatening illness has left millions in the lurches. At the same time it has impacted the Mobile App Market, but for all good until now. The upsurge in App usage has also significantly impacted…

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In-App Ads.txt for Mobile Ad Inventory: Everything you need to Know

The likes of Programmatic Advertising changed the face of Mobile Advertising with making things go hassle-free in between DSPs and SSPs. But as every beginning, this one wasn’t the bed of roses either as fraudsters and scammers spoofed the Ad inventories with damaging both the publishers and advertisers. This unauthorized sellers disguising as the authorized ones banked $19 Billion in…

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Top Ad Network

5 Factors to Consider Before Choosing Best Ad Network for Publishers

Choosing the Ad Network that suits you as a Publisher is a first-and-foremost task when you’re looking out to monetize your App. Every publisher wants to get the best Ad Network on board to generate maximum revenues. At the same time, the publishers have their very own interpretation of what makes one perfect Ad Network for them. Simplifying things for…

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Appographics for Maximum ROAS in App Advertising – Here’s the Step-By-Step Guide

According to GrandViewResearch.com, In-App Advertising is on way to becoming $226.4 Billion industry by 2025. What’s in for the Advertisers battling Conversions? The magical ‘ics’ suffix has given the words like Demograph-ics and Infograph-ics. Not falling for the literal meaning, both the words are about precision and easiness. Here comes another to the clan, Appographics – a boon in disguise…

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What are the best top games-focused mobile ad formats?

Advertising has become an integral part of almost every digital experience and is emerging as the major source of income for most mobile game publishers. Mobile advertising is now a billion-dollar industry and the credit of its effective reach to millions of people around the globe goes to the top Battle Royale games including the likes of PUBG and Fortnite.…

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Why Mobile In-App Advertising is better than other digital channels?

2017 was the year when it was proclaimed that digital ad spending had finally beaten TV ads. To be more precise, digital ad spending reached $209 billion worldwide. While TV ads brought in relatively stagnant growth by reaching $178 billion, according to research by Magna in 2017. As of now, the ad spending on mobile apps has drastically affected every…

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