How does Icon Ad Format work in Mobile App Monetization to increase your revenue?

According to Statista, Mobiles Apps will be generating $935 Billion in 2023 by in-App Advertising and paid downloads. Taking nothing away from the paid downloads model, in-App Advertising is the most opted one by far.

Using in-App Advertising publishers generate revenues by placing Ads in their Apps and App users are shown these Ads while they are using App. In short, no money is involved in this entire process. What’s crucial for the App publishers is Ad formats and Ad Placements in the first place. Most of the Ad Networks are still limited to offering those outdated Ad Formats, and that’s when this monotonous display turns out to be least attractive to the App users.

ConsoliAds, an Ad Network eyeing to revolutionize the In-App Industry is the trendsetter coming up with innovative solutions like Appographics and Programmatic Advertising.

At the same time, being one and only Ad Network integrating the Icon Ads, ConsoliAds yet again aims to empower the publishers around.

What is Icon Ad format of ConsoliAds?

Inspired from the term icon, which is the small graphical representation of the file or program in computer technology, Icon Ads remain true to their core. Indeed, they are as diminutive as pictogram and serve the purpose without taking this much space.

ConsoliAds Icon Ad format makes a non-intrusive display with command right there in the user’s hand. With the freedom of placing it anywhere around the main App screen, it hardly goes unnoticed. Unlike many other formats, this one never puts the App functionality on halt or act as a ransom to the user to must watch the visual Ads in order to proceed next.

How can Icon Ads boost Publisher’s Revenue?

A teaser is most likely to leave the user in awe; wanting for more. Consequently, leading them to watch the trailer or even a complete movie. Similarly, this small graphical representation entices the audience to click on that out of curiosity. The high CTR is one thing and staying non-intrusive is another. The combo of both of them, Icon Ads emerge as one potential Ad format now.

The right color combination of this graphical representation can make it more visible and happening on the App screen. Once it connects the user, it has got all the reasons to get clicked.

Icon Ad in Comparison with Leading Ad Formats

 Ad Format

 Size  Expensive  For Installs    CTR
Video Ads Bulky Yes, it is Not Effective 2.5%-3.5%
Banner Ads 1/5 of the Screen No, it’s Cheapest Not Effective 0.8%-1.5%
Icon Ads Diminutive Cheap Yes, it Works

1.8% -2.5%

The Icon Ads make a great deal by making the entire process hassle-free and less annoying for the users. The best part is with even being small in size, they get their due visibility and even stay light on the pocket of the advertisers. Moreover, with less competition, Icon Ad formats can turn out to be the most fascinating avenue for publishers, advertisers or maybe the users as well.