Embrace Valuable Blended In-Game Advertising with the Immersive AdsTM

The year 2022 is all about technological evolution and advancements. This is the year when people actively came across the term ‘Metaverse’ and eventually began to explore revenue streams associated with it. This is the year when mobile gaming revolutionized for generations to come. From apps turning privacy-friendly to the birth of advergaming much has changed in the mobile gaming industry.

Today, over one-third of the world population plays mobile games for over 8 hours every week. Consequently, mobile game consumer spending hit a massive $93.2 billion in 2021. With over 2,659.5 million mobile game players, the industry has astronomical potential for brands to create in-game exposure. However, effective in-game advertising requires great skill and strategy to positively support a brand’s image and ideology.

In-game advertising is nothing new for advertisers, however, the world now asks for more. Where at first, advertisers could conveniently display various ad types in a 2D game, the growth of 3D mobile games added complications to the process. To deal with this, the world has now gradually moved towards blended in-game advertising, which means undisruptive 3D in-game marketing.

Blended in-game promotions are not new in the world of mobile games, especially 3D games. Previously, multiple banners, ads and stickers were used within the mobile game environments to add to realism and authenticity. These, however, were not used for monetization or advertising but with the sole purpose of creating a closer to reality gaming experience. Keeping this and the vast potential of in-game advertising for effective marketing, ConsoliAds launched the Immersive AdsTM.

The Best Kept Secret in the World of Advertising

Blended in-game advertising was the best-kept secret in the world of advertising! The Immersive AdsTM by ConsoliAds opened doors for advertisers to harness the power of in-game advertising with the greatest potential. By using the Immersive AdsTM for in-game advertising, brands and non-branded advertisers can conveniently advertise on multiple game objects. These ads turn simple in-game objects into valuable advertising opportunities for advertisers from different walks of life.

Who does not want to strategies and grow their marketing 360°? Brands today search for ways to innovate branding and create brand awareness that lasts longer. Advertising within the mobile game as part of the natural game environment gives brands the ultimate edge to create top of the mind brand awareness. But how is it done?

Create Top of the Mind Brand Awareness by Replicating Real-Life Out Of Home Campaigns

The Immersive AdsTM empower advertisers to replicate real-life out-of-home advertising campaigns into the mobile game environment. This means brands can show similar billboards in 3D racing mobile games as they display in real life. Together with this, advertisers whether brand or non-branded can display both static and audible video ads within the same game environment. An advertiser enjoys all the freedom of replicating ads into a similar game environment and displaying unique ads for more attention simultaneously. Such creative blended in-game advertising is actively used in multiple 3D racing and sports games by top renowned brands today.  

This significantly creates effective top of the mind brand awareness with the lowest efforts required. World’s top brands today opt for Immersive AdsTM to bring a blended in-game advertising experience to life. These brands have surely created a positive interaction with their consumers by using the Immersive AdsTM.

Immersive Advertising in a Privacy-First World

The world has become privacy-sensitive in the past two years. At first, Google announced the phase-out of third party cookies and later Apple announced the changes to the IDFA. This certainly shook the digital marketing world, especially mobile advertisers. Ad networks and other ad serving platforms panicked in order to find solutions for better targeting and effective in-app advertising.

The Immersive AdsTM by ConsoliAds is born as a solution for advertisers to advertise in a privacy-first world! These blended in-game ads not just empower advertisers to create a bang on brand awareness but also allow them to target potentials using first-party data. ConsoliAds provides highly efficient Appographic targeting for advertisers to reach out and target their potential audience based on behavioural trends. The Immersive AdsTM display quality static and audible video ads for just the right audience.

Immersive AdsTM the Future of Advertising in VR and the Metaverse

The world of 3D mobile games is evolving and surely are the interests of the game players. VR based mobile games have significantly gained popularity over the years. However, it was until the development of Immersive AdsTM that the world kept struggling to find ways to market in virtual reality. With the power to adapt and scale, the Immersive AdsTM are the ultimate solution to advertise in VR.

Besides, the world is now finding opportunities to effectively advertise in the Metaverse and grow brands across the digital horizons. To make this possible, ConsoliAds expands the potential of Immersive AdsTM to advertise in the Metaverse. Advertisers with Immersive AdsTM can now easily innovate their advertising strategies by successfully making them a part of the Metaverse. ConsoliAds allows marketers and advertisers to scale their marketing campaigns into a new digital reality!  


Immersive AdsTM by ConsoliAds open advertisers to a creative yet effective opportunity to advertise and create a blended in-game experience. From initiating an intuitive interaction with the consumers to creating spot-on brand awareness, the Immersive AdsTM are surely the future of blended in-game advertising!

So, what are you waiting for? Try Immersive AdsTM Now!

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