Account Setup

Register your account

ConsoliAds is a mobile Ads Management Platform and has all the features required for your app/game growth. 

To register an account with ConsoliAds follow these steps:

Click on Signup page on the ConsoliAds website.

register user

  • Enter your name, company name, email address, and an account password.
  • Click on the register button and you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.
Confirm Your ConsoliAds Account

For completion of the registration process, click on the link in the confirmation email to verify your account. Make sure to check the spam folder.

You are registered with ConsoliAds! Welcome to the ConsoliAds family. 

If you have any concerns or queries contact our support team via Live chat or drop an email at support@samina.consoliads.com.

Viewing Analytics

View all your mobile game monetization stats through ConsoliAds comprehensive dashboard. For your ease we have divided the stats in two sections, Monetize & Promote. You can further surf through each tab in the left panel.


Under Reports tab, you can view detailed stats of your Game Monetization & Ad Mediation

view analytics sidebar

  • Revenue tab allows you to check your earnings for all apps or a specific app/ all time or for a custom time frame/ for all ad networks or some selected ones and so on.
  • Mediation tab shows you the ad stats in detail fetched from all the ad networks. You can see respective requests and impressions and the fill rate provided by each ad network integrated in your app/apps.
  • Placeholders tab gives you a complete analysis of fill rate against a specific placeholder.
  • Regions tab shows region wise impressions and revenue to provide you an analysis of your top performing regions.
  • Downloads tab enables you to filter out the downloads according to your requirements

Under promote tab, you can create Network Advertising and Cross Promotion campaigns and view granular stats of all your campaigns to optimize ads.
After creating a campaign wait for 24 hours for the approval from ConsoliAds team.

view analytics promote

  • New Campaign tab allows you to step by step create your campaigns.
  • You can view detailed stats of your campaigns along with multiple filters under Network Advertising & Cross Promotion & In App Purchase tab
  • In App Groups you can create groups of your games as per your requirements which will help you while targeting your cross promotion campaigns in certain groups
  • You can also view ads of your non-integrated campaigns in ads tab.

How to create an App

  • After signing up your account, go to Apps in the left panel
  • Click on “New App”
  • You can either create your game manually or directly import its URL from app store/ Play store and Amazon store
  • Add all the required details if you are creating your app manually.

create new app account setup

For creating an app it is mandatory to create a brand. In ConsoliAds every app belongs to a brand. You can create multiple brands against a company. 

Click on Brand in “Create App” section Add brand details:

  • Select a brand if you have already created one
  • If you want to create a new brand, click on “Add new”
  • Add the required details, brand name and support email are mandatory fields
  • Verify the settings

And click “Save”

add brand

Users Management

You can create users on your ConsoliAds account for better coordination with your team. You have to create a user login and profile for each user and can assign the desired rights and roles to each of them. You can also delete or change a user’s access at any time. 

For adding users in your account. Click on “Company” select “Users”

company view

Click on “New User” button

add new user

Add details, Select “User Role” and add Modules/Rights click save. Make sure to assign a specific brand/ brands to the new user.

select role

select permissions

Integrate SDK

To download ConsoliAds SDK, click on “Download ConsoliAds SDK” and download the plugin for the required platform Unity, Android or iOS.
For further detailed information refer to the “Documentation” here or you can also watch video tutorials here.



Once you have integrated the required SDK in your game, you will need to configure your project with the app created on portal. This will be done in Dev (Developer`s) Environment. Build and Run your project with DEV Mode enabled, except for when building to update to store.


  • For setting the placeholder go to “Apps” select “Manage”, click on the Game/app you want to set up the placeholder for and click on “Placeholders & Ads Dev”


  • In your App Details section if the “Child directed” toggle is ON, it protects minors’ safety and privacy online.
  • If “Debug Logs” button is enabled it helps the ConsoliAds team verify which ad networks are performing well and which fail to serve impressions.
Setting up an Ad on Ad placeholder

For setting up an ad click on “Ad placeholder”.

add placeholder

Select placeholder, ad format and add size and position of an ad format and save it.

placeholder setting

  • You can select regions, drag & drop ad network of your choice to set on highest priority for managing waterfall. 
  • If “Customize Placeholders” is enabled, you can set custom waterfall for each placeholder. If it is OFF then same waterfall will be applied across all the placeholders.
  • There is a “No Ads” button against every placeholder. If “No Ads” toggle is enabled ads will not be displayed against that placeholder.
  • You will see “Static Interstitial” button against every placeholder. If enabled it will display static interstitial ads against that scene. 
  • If “Hide Ads” toggle is ON no ads, except Rewarded Ads, will be displayed.
  • Make sure “Test Mode” is OFF before moving to “Live”.
  • If you choose “Interstitial Video” as an “Ad type”, you have an option turn the “is skip-able” button ON

After making all the changes in your “Dev Mode”, you can apply all the changes to “Live”.

placeholdser new view

Ad Networks

In “Ad Networks” section you will see the pre-integrated ad networks. You have to connect Admob, Chartboost and Facebook through API integration for the mediation to work efficiently.

ad networks

NOTE: For the Mediation to work properly and see the reporting statistics on ConsoliAds portal, you need to connect your brand with Admob, Chartboost and Facebook through API integration.

For “Non AI” Ad networks you have to add Ad ID’s manually. If not you will be served no ads or test ads and no revenue will be generated.

setup ad ids

What is app-ads.txt?

App-ads.txt is a text file app developers upload to their developer website, which lists the ad sources authorized to sell that developer’s inventory. Just like on web, the IAB created a system in 2017 which allows buyers to know who is authorized to buy and sell specific in-app ad inventory, and who isn’t.

This is an important step towards eliminating certain types of fraud, and improving the transparency and efficiency of the overall ecosystem. Most savvy brand marketers and demand side platforms won’t buy inventory that doesn’t have ads.txt implemented.


How does this work for mobile apps?

App-ads.txt is a plain text file hosted on the domain of the app developer’s website to identify the authorized digital sellers. This method allows advertisers to trust that they are buying authentic app inventory. Buyers that bid on app inventory can use the app-ads.txt which has been declared by the app developer on their website in order to verify that their impressions come from authorized sellers.

Note: If you own more than one domain, make sure all relevant domains are updated.


How app-ads.txt can benefit your mobile app?

  1. Capture brand budgets
Major brands and agencies are more likely to purchase app inventory via DSPs that verify authorized ad sources. By implementing app-ads.txt, developers signal to DSPs that their inventory is safe. Developers who don’t implement app-ads.txt are likely to be removed from DSPs’ pool of targeted media.

  2. Fight ad fraud

Bad actors may forge apps that impersonate legitimate apps, and mislead DSPs to spend brand budgets on their forged inventory. Legitimate developers end up losing out on ad revenue that was originally intended for them. App-ads.txt blocks unauthorized developer impersonations and minimizes instances of fraud that ultimately hurt developers’ bottom line.


Here`s how to implement App-ads.txt.

Here’s how you can make sure your inventory is covered by app-ads.txt:


  Step 1:  Provide the developer website URL in your app listing
Ensure that your developer website is updated in the app stores. This website will be used by advertising platforms to verify the app-ads.txt file. Make Sure, the website URL is entered exactly as listed on Google Play or the App Store

  Step 2: Upload
Update your latest app-ads.txt on your website root directory

  Step 3: Publish an app-ads.txt file
Make sure there are no spelling mistakes due to manual edits in your file


You can download the App-Ads.txt file from ConsoliAds portal “here” https://portal.consoliads.com/dashboard/adstxt :

Note: If you are working with API integrated Networks with ConsoliAds. You need to add the Ad Source ID in the ConsoliAds App-Ads.txt file yourself.


For Admob:
In case of Admob, follow the following instructions.

1. Sign up your Google Admob Account.

2. Go to Apps section.

3. Click on AppAds.txt. and then How to setup AppAds.txt.

4. Copy the ID mentioned, and paste it in the ConsoliAds file.


For Chartboost:

1. To add Chartboost information. Login to your Chartboost dashboard.

2. Go to ‘Tools’ on the menu navigation to the left.

3. Under ‘Tools’, you will find the app-ads.txt section.

4. Copy the app-ads.txt info provided and paste it to your app-ads.txt file.


For Facebook:

To add Facebook to your app-ads.txt, you have the option of using property ID, business ID, or app ID.


  1. Adding Facebook with Property IDs

To add Facebook to your app-ads.txt with property IDs, copy and paste the following string to each of your properties. (Note: You must also update the property ID for each string.)

facebook.com, Property ID, RESELLER, c3e20eee3f780d68

The following is an example.

facebook.com, 1000001, RESELLER, c3e20eee3f780d68
facebook.com, 1000002, RESELLER, c3e20eee3f780d68
facebook.com, 1000003, RESELLER, c3e20eee3f780d68[...]

  2. Adding Facebook with a Business ID
To add Facebook to your app-ads.txt with a business ID, copy and paste the following string containing your Business ID. This is the option for publishers with several property IDs.

facebook.com, Business ID, RESELLER, c3e20eee3f780d68

What to do if your App isn’t Live yet?

If your app isn’t live yet, you can still add it to your ConsoliAds account. You`ll be able to see test ads.

Enter the name and Bundle identifier of the app in development. Once your mobile app is live, you’ll be able to import the app by entering the store URL. Turn OFF the test mode and you are good to go for your game monetization.

Game and Revenue Analysis

For your app/game Analysis, click on Apps select “Manage” select the app for analysis.

You will see the following tabs

manage game

Ad filters

You can filter out unwanted content from your apps by applying ad filters for each integrated ad network in Ad filters section

select ad types


In downloads section you’ll be able to see the download details of your game with respect to each region.

downloads stats

Ad Stats

In ad stats section you’ll be able to see request, impressions fill rates, clicks and CTR data against each placeholder.

add stats


In this tab you will see the revenue with respect to each ad network, ad type and region

revenue stats

Log history

In Log history you view activity feed of all your users with details.


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