Case Study

How Content Arcade raced to 95%+ Ad Fill Rate & Higher eCPM with ConsoliAds Ad Mediation?

About Content Arcade

Content Arcade is a tech-oriented mobile apps and games publishing company focusing on publishing hyper casual games since 2018.

Anti-Stress game with over 5M+ downloads is their top performing game for its realistic 3D brain exercise, relaxation and different mind refreshing activities.

The Challenge

Kashif Asif, CTO Content Arcade had been facing a problem of low ad fill rates along with better eCPMs at the same time. Despite trying leading monetization platforms he didn’t get the desired results.


By switching to ConsoliAds and opting for Auto-Mediation for his game Anti Stress, Kashif felt the difference within two weeks. The shrinking difference between requests and impressions boosted the fill rates up to 95%+ which resulted in achieving vastly improved eCPMs up to 30%. That’s what made the difference. Effortless SDK integration process with 24/7 active support was a definite plus.


Content Arcade was able to maximize monetization through adding more impressions to the existing placeholders and optimizing requests to impressions ratio to enjoy better eCPMs.


Prominent increase in Fill Rates

Content Arcade’s Anti-Stress boosted fill rates with ConsoliAds’ optimally engineered SDK.

Considerable improvement in eCPMs

Content Arcade witnessed 30% eCPM increments for their game Anti-Stress by using ConsoliAds Auto Mediation.