Case Study

ConsoliAds Marketplace helped MultiCore Games Achieve Accelerating ROAS

MultiCore Games is a mobile game developing company founded in 2016. The company focuses on developing interactive hyper-casual mobile games for kids and teens.

Games Genre

Action, Racing & Role Play

The Challenge

MultiCore Games struggled to acquire quality users that it could retain for longer. The game US Army Transport Truck Game required a stable retention rate despite attaining an ROAS of 123%. Thus, MultiCore Games needed a powerful platform that could acquire just the right audience for better retention.


ConsoliAds Marketplace efficiently helped MultiCore Games with the power of Appographics, which is a study of app usage by taking into account all the important aspects like interests, age, location, mobile device type and overall user profile. The mobile advertising experts at ConsoliAds provided assistance in choosing the perfect ad formats to gauge the right target audience from Tier-1, Tier-2 and Tier-3 countries for the US Army Transport Truck Game for maximum exposure and acquisition.

An advertising campaign with a mix of interstitials, video and immersive ads via ConsoliAds Marketplace magnified the ROAS over 150% while stabilizing the download and retention rate. This significantly amplified revenue and performance for MultiCore Games.


The Appographic targeting by ConsoliAds Marketplace resulted in 23% better ROAS by smoothly growing it to over 150%.


Instant Increase in ROAS

ConsoliAds Marketplace enabled seamless mobile advertising for US Army Transport Truck Game to acquire highly relevant users. The campaign remarkably amplified their ROAS whereby not only the downloads, but the user retention also improved resulting in increased revenue.