Case Study

SidTech Studios Recovered 100K Impressions in Just 1 Day for Money Ball with ConsoliAds

SidTech Studios by Sidharth is a product of innovation and gaming evolution in India. Founded in 2019, SidTech Studios is popular for promoting fair play and offering instant redeemable rewards in the form of virtual currency.

Games Genre

Hyper Casual Games

The Challenge

Sidharth from SidTech Studios wanted an all-in-one auto-integrated mediation solution for game monetization. After his past experience with other monetization platforms and methods, Sidharth’s major concern revolved around the instability of the SDK, difficult integration, manual Ad Network setups, and scattered data analytics. He faced issues from the top Ad Networks that blocked ad serving within his apps. Therefore, Sidharth was highly concerned about mediation networks being biased and blocking revenue. Moreover, he wanted a mediation solution that saved his time, was efficient and had robust customer support to assist him with the problems if any.


Sidharth after signing up with ConsoliAds enjoyed a hassle-free auto-integrated solution that has helped him make the most out of the highest paying Ad Networks. With the help of a comprehensive systematic dashboard, Sidharth with ConsoliAds was able to optimize his monetization strategies. For him, ConsoliAds has played a vital role in boosting in-app revenues especially by offering ads in an unbiased manner.

Furthermore, ConsoliAds’ lightweight SDK was easy to integrate and the 24/7 customer support has been very helpful for him to meet the challenges.


SidTech Studios recovered 100% revenue after integrating ConsoliAds SDK, which was lost earlier with ad impressions limiting.


Prominent Increase in Impressions:

The impressions for Money Ball by SidTech Studios dramatically increased after the integration of ConsoliAds SDK. The game recovered lost impressions within a short period of time which accelerated revenue generation.

Lowest Cost Per Install Resulted in Greater Conversions:

SidTech Studios were able to acquire a greater user base in the provided budget for its cross promotional campaign with the lowest CPI offered by ConsoliAds.