Case Study

Consoliads Helped Thumsoft Achieve an Exceptional Install Rate and Revenue Growth

Thumsoft is a successful mobile games developer founded in 2016. The company focuses on developing extraordinary mobile games to provide quality service and entertainment for mobile users.

Games Genre

Action, Racing & Role Play

The Challenge

Thumsoft had been looking for a platform that could grow a quality user base for its game Flying Robot Rescue Superhero. Their goal was to achieve an optimal number of installs by spending minimum budget and increasing ROI but things were not working out for them. Thumsoft not just wanted to focus on mobile game growth but also wanted to boost in-game revenues at ease.


ConsoliAds made Thumsoft believe in its mobile game potential and offered its services as a powerful ad network. The network advertising campaign was run for Flying Robot Rescue Superhero that helped it sustain an Install Rate of 5% instantly with ConsoliAds. The cost per install significantly decreased, consuming minimal budget to gain maximum installs in a short time.

The outclass performance of ConsoliAds motivated Thumsoft to later monetize, increasing the eCPMs up to $3 on average and improving revenue by over 10%. Besides, ConsoliAds initiated the cross-promotion campaign that stabilized ad spend and in-game revenue performance at a significant pace


Thumsoft uplifted its portfolio’s revenue and user base by running networking advertising campaigns followed by efficient monetization and cross-promotion. The install rate grew up to 5%, whereas the revenue accelerated over 10%


Instant Increase in Install Rate

ConsoliAds advertised Flying Robot Rescue Superhero to the right audience at just the right time, remarkably increasing the install rate.

Instant In-App Revenue Boost

ConsoliAds assisted Thumsoft in choosing the right ad placeholders with auto-mediation to monetize and grow in-game revenue.