You can advertise your app/brand all over the globe through ConsoliAds, however we are the top ad network in Asia Pacific region and can bring you the relevant traffic that will convert.

Yes, you can run advertising campaign without SDK integration but

  • You will only be able to run CPM (cost per mile) or CPC (cost per click) campaigns
  • You won’t be able to run CPI (cost per install campaigns)
  • Integrated Advertising campaign: Start advertising your app/brand on ConsoliAds global network to acquire new users through CPM/CPC/CPI campaigns by integrating the SDK
  • Non-integrated Advertising campaign: Start advertising your app/brand on ConsoliAds global network to acquire new users through CPM/CPC campaigns without SDK integration
  • Cross promotion campaign: Promote your app within your other apps to enhance your user base free of cost

ConsoliAds support 6 different ad formats:

  • Interstitial – Static visual that covers the entire screen
  • Video – A full screen video with a comprehensive message about the product
  • Rewarded video – 30 seconds non-skip-able video that rewards the user on completion
  • Native – Matches the form and function of the platform on which it appears
  • Icon – Displays a small icon of the product at your desired spot
  • Banner – Appears in the form of bar, column or box at the top or bottom of the screen
  • For network advertising campaigns, spending is based on the type of campaign you choose i.e. CPM, CPC, CPI region in which you want to promote platform like android, IOS, amazon ConsoliAds also suggest you an effective bid range for an optimal campaign.
  • For cross promotion campaign, you can promote your app free of cost

Yes, you can limit the number of impressions served to a user by using “daily impressions per user cap” and “total daily impressions cap” for cross promotion as well.

Yes, ConsoliAds will assign dedicated account managers for advising on your campaigns

Payments to ConsoliAds serve as prepaid top up to the customer’s ConsoliAds account to run advertising campaigns which is consumed accordingly only if any campaign is active. Hence, there no refund/return policy applicable to the added funds.

Your dealings with any advertisers, or advertising networks including payment or delivery of goods or services, are solely between you and that advertiser or advertising network. There is no refund/return policy.

All purchases are processed by secure payment processors. We accept a variety of different payment methods (PayPal/Credit Card, Bank Transfers) and the payment currency available is USD. However, we will continue to expand the range in the future.

If you are the owner, you can add users to your account, assign them different roles and can also limit the activities and access of the users from confidential information.