In-App Feature Campaign

Step 1

Go to ConsoliAds Dashboard -> Promotion and select Create Campaign.

Step 2

Select In-App Feature and it will take you to the next page.

1: Choose if you want your campaign to be ON, OFF or Paused.

2: Select your desired ad type from Static Interstitial, Interstitial and Video, Rewarded Video, Native, Banner, Icon and Immersive Ad.

3: Choose your Campaign title.

4:Select Brand.

5: Select Game (Brand should be selected before selecting the game/app).

6: Create and select the desired Feature to be promoted.

7: Select promotion Start date.

8: Select feature End date.

9: Select daily Impressions Per user cap limit.

10: Select Region in which the campaign needs to run.

11: Select total Daily impressions cap.

12: Select priority from Highest, High, Medium, Low, Lowest.

13: Select Creative sets.

14: Save the Campaign.

After the completion of above mentioned steps, the following steps are given for code level implementation of the InApp feature campaign(s). The example is of an Interstitial ad type.

Interstitial Callback ClickAd implement

For InApp feature, the interstitial ad click callback will be implemented the following way:

void onInterstitialAdClicked(string featureId)
  //Implement custom code for your InApp feature here