ConsoliAds Opens a Gateway to Boost In-Game Revenue with Immersive Ads™ (BETA)

The global mobile market stands at $90.7 billion today and is expected to grow to $116.4 Billion in 2024. With this exceptional growth, the mobile gaming market is expected to hit $175.8 billion in 2021.

However, the gaming world now is smoothly transitioning from traditional hyper-casual games to AR, VR and Metaverse. The ideal monetization strategies soon will lose value as we shift to 3D mobile games especially in Metaverse. The same is the case with ad formats; the power of rewarded, interstitials, offer walls, and audio ads will all go in vain.

So what does the world of mobile gaming need now? The answer is something big, an ad format beyond reality. The world of mobile app monetization, especially for games now needs a revolution of tangible virtual ad formats that convert and monetize seamlessly.

ConsoliAds Launches Highly Scalable Immersive Ads™ (BETA) for Undisruptive Mobile Game Monetization and Revenue Growth.

ConsoliAds a one-stop mobile growth platform is here with an exclusive solution for game monetization. The face of mobile gaming is about to change as ConsoliAds launches immersive ad for undisruptive mobile game growth! A tangible ad format that displays real-life ads within a virtual environment to amplify revenues.

How about replicating the real-world advertising campaigns into the digital environment of mobile games. You read that right!

Bringing to you the immersive ads™ (BETA), a blended in-game ad experience that does not interrupt the mobile game environment which is usually the case for other ad formats. Immersive ads™ are clickable blended in-game ads designed especially to display within the natural environment of a mobile game. The mobile game players are served with clickable ads on in-game objects that change as the environment changes. These ads generate impressions like magic and boost in-game revenue to new highs.

With the immersive ad, ConsoliAds has opened a gateway to a meaningful 3D interactive world for brand, game and app promotion. The immersive ad is an open canvas for publishers to place on any object of their 3D game environment. The immersive placeholder is a potent opportunity for publishers to attract advertisers and earn like never before!
The immersive ads™ do not require any coding! A mobile game publisher can at any time drag and drop placeholders to initialize the immersive ad. Immersive ads™ have all the power to blend within the game interface, generate in-app revenue and acquire users at best.

No doubt the ConsoliAds Ad Network is making user acquisition as simple and easy as ever. Such blended in-game ads are developed to target game players that play mobile games by truly getting involved. These players spare no moment of attention while playing a mobile game and retain even the smallest exposed information effectively.

The immersive ad can be used optimally to promote in-game upgrades, new levels, power packs and more. This significantly means more gameplay, more upgrades, more ad refreshing, more impressions, and as a result, more revenue and more effective user acquisition for advertisers!

What are the powerful features of immersive blended in-game ads?

The immersive ads™ (BETA) are clickable blended-in app ads that shape into the 3D mobile game environment and adapt to it. These are highly scalable ads that perfectly fit ad placeholders within the game interface. To make things even more exciting, ConsoliAds immersive ad can be placed on any in-game object effectively. May it be a billboard of a cricket stadium, bag pack of a soldier or parachute, or a plain simple road or wall, immersive ad can adapt to set aspect ratio easily.

A user can click an immersive ad at any time once it fully appears on the mobile screen. With a customizable refresh rate, the immersive ad is highly adaptive and can add to impressions leading to greater revenue. These blended in-app ads being clickable, serve great as a medium of brand awareness and conversion simultaneously. Advertisers can now seamlessly promote their brand, apps and games without interrupting the user gameplay. Besides, publishers can earn handsome in-app revenue without disturbing the game environment. Hence a win-win for both!

The power of immersive ad allows publishers to monetize with images and videos within the same placeholder at ease. This means that, unlike other mobile ad networks and ad management platforms, ConsoliAds’ immersive ads™ can be used to promote and monetize using any media type. Static and video ads can be displayed in a single immersive ad container within a mobile game. The refresh time allows the media to change one after another, serving more ads and generating more revenue.

The Immersive ad is developed to target hyper-focused mobile game players who do not tend to miss a single detail. The longer the gameplay, the more opportunity to display non-intrusive immersive ads™ that add to the revenue.

For advertisers, if not just direct click, the immersive ad has a high information retention rate and tends to create brand awareness most effectively. Adding to this, the non-intrusive nature of immersive ad makes it stand out among all other mobile ad formats.

Why are immersive ads™ (BETA) the future of the mobile game industry?

As we move to the age where Gen Z is being looked upon for influencing major industries and trends, mobile advertising is also changing. It is clearly seen that Gen Z is highly influenced by in-game ads.

Immersive ad being highly non-intrusive, adaptive and scalable, is the future of mobile game monetization!

The immersive ad gives mobile monetization and advertising a creative touch and unique presence. ConsoliAds has introduced the world to a hassle-free, smoother way of monetization and that too with unparalleled potential to accelerate revenue. Furthermore, being able to see ads on in-game objects not just intrigues the mobile gamer but also adds to user retention.

With the world now shifting to 3D virtual mobile games and eventually metaverse, immersive ads™ are all that the mobile monetization and advertising world needs. Want to witness the impeccable display of tangible mobile in-game ads and boost in-game revenue beyond reality? Sign Up with ConsoliAds Now!