ConsoliAds support over 20 premium ad networks (including AdMob, Facebook Audience Network, Unity, Iron Source and AppLovin), ad exchanges and DSPs.

ConsoliAds support 6 different ad formats:

  • Interstitial – Static visual that covers the entire screen
  • Video – A full screen video with a comprehensive message about the product
  • Rewarded video – 30 seconds non-skip-able video that rewards the user on completion
  • Native – Matches the form and function of the platform on which it appears
  • Icon – Displays a small icon of the product at your desired spot
  • Banner – Appears in the form of bar, column or box at the top or bottom of the screen

ConsoliAds Auto Mediation increases the fill rate via a layered approach and sends ad requests to multiple, premium ad networks to ensure best available ad network to serve ads. With top ad networks, ad exchanges and DSPs competing for ad inventory, publishers never have to worry about unfilled ad placements again.

You can filter the type of ads which you want to show/hide in your app. ConsoliAds also provide filters of all supported ad networks on its dashboard so you don’t have to go to those ad networks to set the filters.

To connect your brands with API integrated Ad Networks, login to your ConsoliAds account, then:

  1. Go to the Company’s tab and select ‘Brands’ from the drop down list.
  2. Click on ‘Actions’ button and select ‘Edit’ from drop down list.
  3. Now go to the ‘API Credentials’ tab and select your required Ad Network from the drop down list.
  4. Fill in all the required information to connect your brand with that Ad Network.

Its a new feature introduced by ConsoliAds to help developers and managers manage their unity apps settings.

Configuring / Syncing any app from inspector won’t affect the live configurations of your app until you apply those changes to live through portal.

To know more about dev mode and its implementation visit ‘Dev Mode’ section in our knowledge Base or watch this short video.

Your earnings are based on the regional traffic, ad formats and many other factors. However, ConsoliAds team is constantly optimizing its network with advanced algorithms to help publishers earn the highest possible eCPM’s and increase your overall revenue.

Yes, through cross promotion campaign you can promote your app within your other apps to enhance your user base free of cost.

If you are the owner of account, you can add users to that account, assign them different roles and can also limit the activities and access of the users from confidential information.

Our minimum payout is $100. You can get your payments once it reaches $100 threshold.

You will get your payment via Wire Transfer (Online Funds Transfer) from our International Bank account directly in your Bank Account Information which you provided in Manage Funds Section.

ConsoliAds is responsible for all taxes (if any) payable on the sales that ConsoliAds makes to the networks in connection with the mediation service. Whereas, the user is responsible for all taxes associated with the payments they receive from the networks.

ConsoliAds own Payment Cycle is Net 30. For Mediation, if you are using Ad Networks other than ConsoliAds then their Payment Cycle is as per their Payment Policies.

You don’t have to make any request to withdraw your earnings you will receive the payments in your bank account as per the payment cycle and minimum threshold policy.

ConsoliAds is a legitimate business having no illegal/questionable products/services. ConsoliAds does not charge any registration fee. Any change in current policy will be applicable upon notifying the customer.