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Mobile Banner Ad Sizes & Usage for App Monetization

Choosing an Ad Format is always a tough call, especially when both monetization and user experience are equally important to the publisher.

As more and more publishers opt to monetize their Apps via Ads, new and innovative Ad formats keep adding in the list now and then. Still, most of the publishers aim to keep it simple and straight with only counting on the winner Ad formats. Unlike as easy as it sounds, choosing Ad format is one of its kind of challenges.

Amidst all this, Mobile Banner Ads are a decent option, though they aren’t the most impressive in terms of CTR, still features such as easy launch and supporting all mobile screens make them prominent.

Not taking anything away from highly immersive Video Ads or dominating full-screen interstitial Ads, it’s just to reaffirm that with multiple variations banner Ads are second to none. Rolling out as a combination of Text, Graphics and CTA is all that Banner Ad is all about. The Ad Placements directly impact the performance of Mobile Banner ads. Another factor influencing is choosing the best banner size for mobile.


Mobile Banner Ad Sizes & Types

Standard Mobile Banner 320×50

The most popular Mobile Banner Ad by far, aka Standard Banner Ad, is often seen on the top or the bottom of the App. The compact size of this Ad unit makes it equally effective both for the hyper-casual games and the non-gaming Apps too. As it is less intrusive with either coming on top or bottom, it grabs the attention of the user without agitating. With a suitable width of these banner ads, this ad format acts as a leaderboard on user’s mobile screens.

Large Banner 320×90

Taken as the largest Mobile-specific banner Ad aka Big Brother of banner Ad sized 320×50, this one is spacious enough to add more of the animation and imagery to top it up with the content. The publishers believing in Mobile Banner Ads but having a problem with their diminutive size prefer this larger banner instead. Large Banner Ad format has also got into popularity with offering ideal size for the sort of video banner Ads trending nowadays.

Medium Rectangle Banner 300×250

This Medium Rectangle Banner Ad hardly goes unnoticeable as unlike other banner Ads it is equally bigger in height as well as width. Most probably it’s placed on right side of the App or within the middle of the App content. Up the latest, it could also be placed above the fold, which makes it viewable to the users as soon as they arrive on the page. Simultaneously, apart from the conversion, the placement above the fold fancies publishers chance of earning more CPM (Cost per Thousand Mille).

Mobile Banner Ads lock win-win situation both for the publishers and users. The latest Smart Banner Ad option allows this ad creative to get the fix according to the size and functionality of the Mobile or Tablet. Consequently, making each and every Ad impression count, to make a significant difference in for App monetization.