Understanding Rewarded Video Ads and Their Best Practices

Understanding Rewarded Video Ads and Their Best Practices

Mobile ad networks today offer a range of innovative ad formats for monetization and advertising. These play an essential role in adding a spark to the advertiser’s effort, making the campaign highly engaging and converting. However, it is true that not all mobile ad networks offer the same set of ad units. Thus, one must explore the true potential of an ad network before opting for it.

In recent times, rewarded video ads have been performing exceptionally well in mobile games. The ad format is specially designed for mobile games and placed intelligently to improve results. These have the power to engage users and besides, increase the session time. For the game developers and publishers, rewarded video ads bring in greater sums of eCPMs which lead to better revenue. And, for the advertisers, rewarded video ads are a great source to convert and gauge traffic. Hence, these ads are a blessing in disguise!

Studies show that over 79% of mobile gamers prefer rewarded video ads as these bring value to the gameplay. Not just this, these are also one of the favourite ad formats for mobile game publishers as over 90% claim rewarded video ads to be the hottest revenue generator. These ads bring value to all, the one who monetizes, user and the advertiser. This surely sounds interesting!

But there is more to hold on to. Rewarded video ads can be used in creative ways to drive out the best campaign results and revenues. Today, game publishers innovate rewarded video ads depending on the need of the hour. Hence, multiple types of rewarded video ads can be designed and placed within a mobile game to bring value to users. So what are the possibilities? Here is what you need to explore…

Types of Rewarded Video Ads for Mobile Games

Mobile game publishers need to be very selective and strategic while planning how to utilise the power of rewarded video ads. Not to forget understanding the outcomes of placing these is also essential for the game publisher to evaluate. The goal always is to find the need and provide the solution as a reward from the rewarded video ads. This list of rewarded video ads placements and types will help you understand how to effectively make use of these.

1. Out of Lives

Out of Lives

Hyper casual games mostly work following the limited lives mechanism. A player only gets to try his luck for a limited time of chances while trying to finish a level. This comes with an excellent opportunity to place a rewarded video ad. Once a user is out of life, watching a video to get extra lives will never bother him or her. Instead, interestingly, game players find this as a great token of value.

2. Daily Rewards

Daily Rewards

Why not make your game players feel valued whenever they choose to play your game? This is one great way to motivate your user base to keep coming back every day. Use a rewarded video ad to offer daily rewards to players. In this case, you must intelligently think of rewards that truly add value to day to day gameplay. These rewards will act as a token of motivation for the users to watch the video embedded with the ad and earn rewards for a smoother game experience.

3.  Rewards at The End Of A Level

Rewards at The End Of A Level

This can be a really smart move! Adding a rewarded video ad once a player successfully ends a game level can double the effect of winning a game. Mobile game publishers add rewarded video ads at the end of the game levels to allow players to double or triple the winning bonus. By doing so, players get a chance to earn more bonus rewards by just ending a level and watching an ad. In this case, once a player doubles his/her reward, feels more than accomplished.

4. One More Try

One More Try

Hyper casual games as mentioned above, have limited trial-based levels. A game may offer 3-4 trials on average after which the lives end and the user has to wait for a certain time to play again. This is a great opportunity for game publishers to monetize using rewarded video ads. But how?

Placing a rewarded video ad that rewards users with extra lives when he or she truly needs it is the ultimate key to engaging. A player will surely want to play more and finish the level successfully.

5. Game Performance Boosters

Game Performance Boosters

App publishers need to strategically plan the rewards for the players to be able to make the most out of it. Hence, rewarded video ads can be primarily used to boost game performance for players. In this case, rewarded ads are placed right before difficult levels to help the players win essential gear or currency to complete a difficult level ahead.

6.  Time Extenders  

Time Extenders

Besides limited chances and lives, some hyper-casual mobile games offer time-based levels. In this case, a user has to successfully finish a level in a given time. Here, game publishers use time as a reward for their rewarded video ads. A user only needs to watch a video to be able to win more time to complete a level.

7.  In-Game Hints

In-Game Hints

Being stuck on a game level truly frustrates a player. To cash this opportunity, game publishers use rewarded video ads to provide hints to players so that they easily clear the level. Such rewarded ads perfectly work for guessing games such as scribble or Pictionary.

8.  Discounts on In-App Purchases

Discounts on In-App Purchases

Mobile game players do not hesitate while spending an amount to make in-app purchases. But only if the game is highly engaging and experience-driven. If this is the situation, game players love to avail discounts while making in-app purchases.  This opens an opportunity for the game publisher to place a rewarded ad right before one makes an in-app purchase. By doing so, game publishers not just excite the players to make the purchase but also push them to watch the rewarded video.

Rewarded video ads have all it takes to perform exceptionally well when it comes to earning in-app revenues and improving user experience. However, these ads require game publishers to intelligently plan and place them within the interface. Now let’s shed some light on the best practices involved to make rewarded video ads accelerate performance.

The Best Practices to Use Rewarded Video Ads in Mobile Games

Coming to the point, what are the best practices for using rewarded video ads? The practices are simple points to ponder, and once you have command of these, your ads will bring in the best eCPMs.

1. Ad Placements

Rewarded video ad placements play a critical role in defining its performance. Ad placements if planned and done smartly can elevate user experience. But, in case rewarded ads are randomly placed without planning, these can negatively impact the user experience regardless of what value they had. Therefore, to place these on primary intervals in the game, it is important to understand what instances bring value to the players.

Rewarded video ads are best placed where users require something extra to continue with smoother gameplay. If randomly placed. These not just lose value but also negatively impact the user’s gaming experience. The ideal placements for rewarded video ads are between levels, at the beginning of the game and on the reward screen. Besides, rewarded video ads can also be used to offer a discount on in-app purchases.

2. User Experience

Mobile game publishers have sleepless nights thinking about in what ways in-app advertising impacts the user experience. This fear is one major factor why game developers and publishers are often reluctant in opting for in-app advertising for monetization. The same concern revolves around the rewarded video ads. User experience must be kept in mind while placing these within the gameplay. The rewarded video ads must add to a user’s enjoyment.  

However, the top ad networks today, not just offer hassle-free monetization strategies but also provide expert assistance to make in-app advertising non-intrusive. ConsoliAds Marketplace offers 24/7 support from its monetization experts that enable each and every ad placement non-intrusive and performance-driven.

3. Testing Based on Behaviours

Testing Based on Behaviours

Rewarded video ads require strategy and technique. This might surprise you, but just as not all ads are meant for everyone, not all rewards may entice every player. This is when a game publisher can play around using behavioural data associated with its game. We have hyper-active players, casual players, hardcore players and more. Just as the types differ, game playing techniques and the need for rewards also change.

Here is what needs to be done. Game publishers can create a different set of rewards for a different set of mobile game players. This can be essentially done by targeting groups based on their behaviours and later testing them. By doing so, publishers can offer the most wanted rewards and make the most out of rewarded video ads.

4. Surprise the Players

Who does not like surprises? Surprising game players with mystery rewards is a great way to attract them towards rewarded video ads. Such mystery boxes or treasure chests create curiosity among the players. These truly motivate them to unlock rewards especially when it’s just one video away!

To make this even more exciting, add a limited time slogan or timer to it. This will not just add to the curiosity but will also push users to take instant actions. Hence, adding more action to the game and the rewarded video ads.


Mobile ad networks have great potential to accelerate your game’s in-app revenue giving publishers some creative opportunities to earn. Top mobile ad networks today offer a range of high-performing ad formats which include rewarded video ads. These ads are powerful, performance-driven and highly engaging. Mobile game publishers can collectively enjoy over eight dynamic types of rewarded video ads. 

And, this is not just it, game publishers enjoy all the freedom of innovating rewarded video ads based on the users’ needs. So, what are you waiting for? ConsoliAds makes monetization and in-app advertising non-intrusive, creative and fun! Try Out Now!    

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