How Ad Monetization Benefits Your Mobile App

How Ad Monetization Benefits Your Mobile App

Once you’re done with launching your App, next on the cards is opting a suitable App Monetization model. This may depend on the category and audience of your App as well. Amid many of the trending monetization strategies, few of those winning it all these days include In-App Advertising, Freemium, Subscription Model, and In-App purchases.

Before moving forward, you must understand the Dynamics of Game/App Monetization which besides just in-app earning is a diverse concept.

All this diversity in monetization strategies has backed Mobile Application industry to make over $190 billion in revenues this year.  And that’s not saturated yet as the experts believe this industry to worth over $407 billion by 2026.  In order to get the best out of it, what all Mobile App publisher need to do is create an App that users get in love with, regardless of what monetization method they choose. 

Explicitly, In-App Advertising is a monetization method through which publishers make money simply by showing Ads in Mobile Apps. Amidst various monetization strategies, In-App Advertising is one easy-going monetization model, which makes it usable for everyone.

Benefits of App Monetization via In-App Advertising

Free for All

Following this method, you never narrow down audience as those willing to use your App don’t need to pay anything in the name of the subscription. Unlike the paid model, in-App Advertising is absolutely free as App Publishers earn simply by showing Ads. This monetization model help publishers to grow their user base without pushing users to pay any fee for using the App. 

Easy to Start

There are no such pre-requisites or obligations for publishers eyeing to kick off In-App Advertising. It’s super easy to start; what all publishers need to do is choose an Ad Network wisely. Once they do so next on the slot is selecting the right Ad formats supporting App user interface (UI) and functionality. All this takes less than 20 minutes to kick off App Monetization.  

Creative Ad Formats to avoid Monotony

Choosing the highest paying mobile Ad Network has its own perks. Though at the same time, one can’t deny the benefits of an Ad Network offering a variety of Ad Formats. This not only helps publishers maximize their revenues using different Ad formats but also prevents the agitation caused to users by showing similar Ads again and again. Consequently, this also favors advertisers who suffer ugly fate due to Ad Fatigue. 

Combat Ad Blockers Proactively

Unlike the advertisement for Web, the In-App Advertising is well-cushioned to combat the Ad Blockers, which can otherwise deprive publishers of their Ad revenue out of it. Generally, the Ad-blockers are limited to web browser add-ons and have zero or very less efficiency against those Ads shown in the Apps.  Consequently, publishers get the maximum out of every user when they opt for in-App Advertising option which relies on showing Ads to the users.


Amidst various models, In-App Advertising takes the lead as it doesn’t come up with any sort of price barrier for the users. Users can simply install and use such Apps without sharing any credit card details. One thing publishers should always keep in their mind is not bombarding so many Ads at once that it compromises the User Experience (UX). Simply by choosing the right Ad Slots publishers can attain the best results every time.