How Does An Ad Mediation Network Work?


Most of the companies that develop software such as mobile games and other applications have their primary focus on the development part of the application.

However, they tend to neglect post-development tasks such as determining the source of their revenue flow. This revenue has twofold uses.

How Ad Mediation Network works:

Firstly, it will provide sustenance to the current application.

Secondly, these funds can be utilized in providing funds for any future projects of the company. There are numerous ways through which businesses can generate revenue and make a profit from their otherwise free software.

One such way is to introduce ads within their programs. Interstitials and banner ads among the most common ads used by developers. Ad network rates can vary not only among different ad providers but this rate fluctuates for any particular company as well.

Therefore, deciding which ads will be displayed can become strenuous as well as time taking jobs. This is where Ad Mediation networks come into play.

Before coming to the point of why using ad mediation is helpful.

Understanding how ad mediation works is important Ad mediation platforms such as ConsoliAds?

Use multiple ad networks at the same time within the application.

They are designed to continuously look for better-paying ads and ultimately use the ones with the highest payoff to boost the revenue.

If ConsoliAd is integrated into the SDK of the game, then whenever the application has to run an ad, it will automatically search and present the ad with the uppermost payoff rate.

Before deciding which ad networks will be adopted in the game, it is beneficial to explore different networks like InMobi, Facebook Audience Network, Apps Ideas UK, etc. 

Once the networks are merged with the apps then ConsoliAds will help in optimizing the returns by choosing those ads with the best possible rate. Though this does not necessarily mean that the networks you have chosen will be the best ones for your app. And from time to time the developer should look for more networks with better payoffs.

For instance, if the development team finds some new networks. Which has relevance to the application and offer a better rate.  Then the company should switch to that network and make necessary integrations within their game.

Mediation network tools like ConsoliAds are indeed a useful way of maximizing the income, however, using these within the games can bring about a slight challenge. Since the tool will utilize its resources in showing the ads with the best rate. And thus will display diversified sources of ads meaning. That the payment that you will get will be spread out amongst different networks. Nevertheless, if the income is maximized then the developer should not be concerned about receiving income from several ad networks.

The bottom line is that ConsoliAds will do all the work related to identifying. The best source of income and you will be able to maximize your income by doing less.