Mobile Gaming Trends in 2017

Augmented Reality:

Augmented reality is the combination of computer-generated images and the real world. This technology is picking up pace and is becoming very popular among game developers. One example of the use of this technology is the “Pokémon Go”.

Since “Pokémon Go” created a lot of stir in the market, it is predicted to have a lot more games of this sort using AR. AR has all the elements to become the next big thing in mobile gaming.

Location-based ads employing AR will be a new tool for monetization purposes.

Virtual Reality:

Although there have been quite so many virtual reality technologies like PlayStation VR, Samsung GearVR, etc.

But with the invention of Google Daydream, mobile gaming has jumped successfully into the world of virtual reality. Virtual reality has become a new tool for experiencing games in a much more real way.

Numerous games like Hunter’s gate, Gunjack 2, etc. have been in great demand. Inventions like Google cardboard and oculus rift have largely promoted the VR technology and people are more likely to shift towards VR than towards the traditional console gaming.

Free to Start:

It is a well-known fact that developers need monetization systems to keep the money flowing. Keeping that in mind. Nintendo has taken a good and a calculated step by moving towards mobile gaming.

With the introduction of Super Mario Run on mobile. It employs the free to Start system which allows the user to install the free demo version.

But, for the next levels, the user will have to pay money to unlock them. This monetization method is helping games produce profit and it is likely to be adopted by many other game developers this year.

IP based games:

Long gone are the days of multiplayer games with poor IP structure. The IP arena has now matured and the effectiveness of IP based games like Kim Kardashian:

Hollywood and Star Wars on google play has urged the companies to produce either the licensed games or license out IP to the developers. the new gaming experience is much more refined IP based structures are installing.

A lot of licensed games are expected to be released this year due to the improvement of the system.


A new tool being used by the gaming industry is the use of analytical data for improving game performance and doctoring gaming experiences. Deep-data solutions provide analysis to optimize game performance.

Developers will need to use these analytics to create an ever-engaging experience during gaming that will consequently result in the response of users towards IAPs and ads.

Bottom of Form

Lastly, the overall gaming standard is to increase in 2017. With the use of all of the above-mentioned trends. Developers can create games that can have popular demand in the market.