Optimization of Ad Platforms to Generate More Revenue from Games

How to Optimize Ad Platform? 
How to Generate More Revenue with Games Apps?

Using Ads:

Advertising is nothing new, but it has slowly made its way into mobile gaming recently. Alongside micro-transactions, it is one of the most popular revenue streams implemented directly into the game.

Players will watch or view an advertisement and you get money for it. There is not a lot to it. Being so simple, widely understood, and profitable, it has spread to nearly every game.
Most commonly, the ads are video or image, with video being the top choice. At some point, the ad will appear or a request to view an ad will appear.

Immediately or after a set time, depending on the ad type, the player can exit the ad and go back to the game. For the player, there is not a lot to it.

Incorporating Into Content:

Ads work so well because of how mobile games can incorporate them into their content. Games can reward players for viewing ads or have ads play after a failure in the game.

The way that the ads become part of the game, part of the entire playing experience, makes them successful. In games where viewing an advertisement leads to reward, as an example, you have players who readily want to view ads and try at any moment given.
The ability to transform the player experience using advertisements creates a huge revenue source.

Players are more likely to continue playing, to sit through the ads, and to enjoy the game more than they would have otherwise.
Some ads remain simple and unassuming, like banner ads. There are a few choices here for developers, allowing for personalization and a fitting choice for the game.

Ad Platforms:

There are several ad platforms available to developers. This includes platforms like Unity, HeyZap, and ChartBoost, amongst a sea of many more. Each platform offers its advantages and features, with some overlap in what you can expect.

Overall, they each offer a fantastic experience that can help to change the way you earn revenue from your mobile game.
It is important to look at the differences between each platform.

You can monetize and bring in ads from each, yes, but their unique appeal and advantages go beyond that. Controls, tools, testing, and reports are a few key features to keep in mind. How one works for you will rely on these features, not just the monetization.

They can all offer similar monetization; it is the little details, the controls, and the added features that make a platform what it is.
Regardless of the ad platform and ad type that you choose, this is something you will want in your mobile game.

Optimization of ad platforms and advertisements can create a powerful, reliable revenue source that outperforms micro-transactions if used properly. It is something you want for your mobile game.